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New trend or global craze?


"It's not our ancestors from who we inherited the Earth, but it's our childrens from who we borrowed it." (Michigan Natulral Resources, Dennis J. Hall, 1975)

The Indians and the people living in nature had an ancient and fundamental law of life called the seven-generation rule, which meant a 100 years of vision. They realized, if they think only in the present, what will be with their children's future ? These nations were/are thinking simple and with responsibility, which they could apply in all walks of life. This is what sustainability is: planning and acting complex.

Grandparent and grandchild had lived together in harmony and secure for centuries, while the industrial revolution ruined everything. Due to the machines, the production accelerated rapidy, the profit was getting higher, and so the ancient knowledge was forgotten. This period is taking of two centuries now , despite the fact that the first warnings were announced  50 years ago (Rachel Carson : Silent Spring, 1962). However, since then the sensibility of the environmental protection has evolved a lot!

In 1987 (UN Brundtland Commission), the concept of sustainable development was born, and  was followed by a number of world conferences later on. Also conventions were signed and laws came into effect . But this is not enough : you need to understand and live by sustainability, even if you are a child, a parent , a teacher, a van driver or actually a garden designer .

The garden design and construction may very well exemplify sustainability: many additional features can be assigned into public green areas or private gardens by planning that are not only economical, but also aesthetically pleasing and environmental-friendly . And the realisation of a plan is much easier and safer with local professionalists.

We are proud to have four accredited designer and constructor in our team at Magnolia Art Landscaping Ltd!


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